Thursday, July 2, 2009

IDEAL circle

That night we were back to our good old E06 studio; minus the endless design projects, sleepless nights, Maggie mee, tangan bersimen, spray paint, sex & the city, pistol tembak itik hafez, kaki angkat ke atas kerusi sebab iguana anod dah takde dlm sangkar,dan gam babi. Apart from that, the same old cinabeng2 and oh ya, this time otai2 pulak lambat.

I feel normal again; back to the time when nothing else really matter, design, design, design, and all the passion and pride of being one; the most ideal circle.

Happy world's Industrial Designers' day folks.

270609 Bora Asmara


1 comment:

minamisensei said...

cant wait the time that i have the qualification to join the alumni...