Thursday, August 27, 2009

one glimpse of yesterday

It's been a few times of moon orbit around the earth and mends a major part of it, but it seems like there was this space of emptiness that no one could ever fill it.

Last night he came with her. He looks at me and cry while his other hand was holding hers. After few moments of silence, they walk away. He turns his head and gave me one last glance; and then disappears.

That morning I wake up crying.

Last night he came to my dream; the last place I expect to see him again.

minggu kemurungan yang serius. *sigh*


yong said...

wah! suka gambar ni ! composition dia cantik !

eni said...

seswai dgn tema burung yg murung

z a t i said...

yong: well *muke riak* ni baru keluar sekeping2 sempena satu mesia. ha ha

eni: murung hurung burung

Zaffi Zuhri said...

Zati, I bagi u award. Check kat my blog entry please! :p