Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Smiles on the street

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I always love the street and those people on the street. I believe the quickest way to learn people in new places or a country is by observing the street and the people there. People tend to behave in the most natural act while on the street doing their normal everyday routines.

Oh, some might even smile to a girl with a camera looking at them.

Nanai Road, Patong.
Patong Street, Patong.
Bangla Road, Patong.
Phuket Town, Phuket.
Phi Phi, Krabi.

Thailand 09




dba said...

best! bila u g siam ni?

z a t i said...

30th july -3rd august.
panas lagi ni.
ha ha

Amalina Hanisah said...

still hot. n missing it so badly.
anyways, my bibik nellie ade dirty restaurant in phuket... tak sangke.. huhu

z a t i said...

maksutnye ape mal???

dirty restaurant aku pasan la dekat on of these pics...ape kaitan dgn nellie?

z a t i said...

okayyyy. dah pahamm.. haaa. lawak2. hahah

Perempuan cerdas said...

Hoi perempuan,potong kaki awak karang.Madang jalan je eh.

Eh nanti nak borak.

Nak pergi sana jugak!


Anonymous said...

wahh nice street shots! aku ke borneo the same time kau pegi thailand. kene pegi gak nih..

z a t i said...

* sorok kaki dari dokter mimi*

thanks izza.
moh le kite.