Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Wait

The Wait from zati on Vimeo.

Last night I was looking for photos that could sum up my 2010 for my year end blog post; like I did last year; documentation for my future self. Unfortunately I found nothing that can depict what I actually feel; or to be exact, I’m not really sure myself what is my 2010 really is about. While browsing through my mobile photos and videos suddenly the song; “The Wait” turns to tune in my playlist; and those videos on my mobile which I recorded through the year seem to tell me the exact feeling that I failed to describe. Those little things I enjoy throughout the year. Those things in between “the wait”

Just thought of compiling it all and share. Mind the video, told you it’s from my mobile.



Anonymous said...

Tajuk : Main lampu bilik lepas lesen kena tarik.

Macam video dari pilem 120

Lagu sedap boleh download satu discography

z a t i said...

hahahahah ngok naim. ni video2 koleksi sepanjang tahun la. tsk.

ilya said...

i love the music, the video..everything!!damn, ur good ;D

happy new year babe!!wish for a successfull year ahead! lets pray :)


z a t i said...

happy new year to u too babe!!!