Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a perfect story


Once upon a time, there was A, falling in love with B and they were together for quite some time. A loves B so much that A gave all the love to B and A thought B is the one until one day, B broke A heart because B failed to appreciate all the love from A. A hurt so bad, but A loves B so much that A would just pray for B happiness. If God took something from us, he will replace it with something better. God replace B with C for A. C loves and appreciate A like A deserved. A lives happily ever after.

This is an example of a perfect story.
The story seems perfect because the story was told as the story of A.
Read again, and tell the story as the story of B.

"If the story is not perfect, maybe because it's not yours"

p/s:Ok Fine, masih tak dapat get over Sucker Punch lalu nak kaitkan cerita tu dengan semua benda, bye.


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