Monday, October 26, 2009

Silkaborg, day7

Last destination in Europe would be in Silkaborg, a small town in Denmark...1-2 hours from Billund.
One word: the view is amazing...and we are so lucky to be in between the two weeks when the golden leaves still hanging on trees.
This small town countryside of Denmark really a nice setting for a last goodbye to Europe, seeing the real European countryside lives.

This might be my last update from here as I would be back to Amsterdam tomorow night for the flight back to Kuala Lumpur after one day here in Billund.

Till then,

Bon Voyage.

je t'aime.
Se Dig I Kuala Lumpur.


SYED NAHAR said...

wow tour europe ko nampak best...merata pusing...agaknya ko ada banyak tempat stop. ko pergi sendiri ke nih? ke ada pakai tourist guide?

dont know said...

bestnye...teringin la nak tour cam tu..:)

z a t i said...

one advice: never go anywhere ikut pakej/tourist lost.