Sunday, November 1, 2009

La Rue en Paris

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My photos collection of black and white version of Paris. I love making it black and white; remind me of the classy Edith Piaf's "La Vi en Rose"... Oh, my mind always play song(s) when I look at something or someone...sometimes a song that don't have anything to do with the image. When I first saw Eiffel, the first song comes to mind is Kurt Weil's "Ballad of the soldiers wife" but the PJ Harvey's version.
Don't ask why.

P/s:Probably because my mind automatically relate Paris and the part when she said her husband went to Paris and get her a silk gown. (-.-;)

Paris, october2009


Nani said...

love, love, love!
paris, paris, paris!

Hammad0 said...

gambar mono...guna dslr ape?

z a t i said...

kaknet: cinta kan. he he
hammad: mane ni pakai kamera handfon. hehee. kemera biasa je a.

yong said...

ting! a set of photos end with the red rose :D

daisy sunshine said...

lovely photos lovely paris! did you took all those pictures by yourself? really niceee :)