Tuesday, April 13, 2010

finally we are no one

reading rain



Azalia Suhaimi said...

Zatiii! :D

I knoww, I saw your msg kat my chatbox, you went on the 1st yeah? Yeah I couldn't make it last weekend.
That's why I wrote a whole long blog post on the tent inviting to come on the 8th and 9th...cause this weekend is the only time I can come.

Even that blog post is long delayed, I was supposed to advertise the postcards long ago tsk tsk. But got busy with work, dance trainings, and then prep for KLDW, and then I fell sick in the middle of it all! Tsk

Just got better, just updated the blog...and I hope to see you on the 8th / 9th! You're one of my favourite people I know online whom I'd love to meet ;D

z a t i said...

glad tat u feel tat i feel the same way too no kidding. too bad i cant make it on the last 8th.

long way to go.
one day my friend.one day.