Monday, May 17, 2010

some pictures I keep inside

I don't have pictures so,

picture this:
On top of the canvas is cyan with a tint of purplish orange,
then, there are red and purple beneath the magical cyan,
...and on top of all that is the magnificent golden red of the sun.
waiting for sunset.
There's hill at the front, the sun is behind one of those hills,
in front of the hills, there were trees.
In front of those trees there's a lake;
and from the lake there's serenity of a slight breeze whispering in between my hair and blows a kiss to my face.

Vindur í hárinu...

underneath me,
it's Thirty Three from Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness - to be irony.

stay still.

...the sun is no longer there;
and here comes the darkness.

...that is when I realize there are always moments in life that makes the longer hours of darkness worth living for.

Okay, fine. I miss taking pictures, traveling and having good feeling.busy.busy.busy. :(



mimpiyangsempurna said...

very nice picture..

p/s:busy always been my excuse for not having fun.. then, I decided that busy won't go away.. once in a while, I'll do what makes my heart feel good.. n busy again! haha...

yong said...

july is coming !

Anonymous said...

*jengok kat luar tingkap, tengok lampu lip-lap*

Susah gak nak define semua warna lampu dan segala kaler dalam ayat.

Oh, well.

z a t i said...

mimpi: kan?
yong: tak sabar.
hafez: Fact: man can only digest primary colors.well.well.

Anonymous said...

I'm RGB & CMYK kinda guy.

If that fact is true, that's why colour grading (colour correction) in Hollywood film is Teal and Orange.