Monday, August 9, 2010

Joy in a little bit of everything and a wholesome of something


This is my friend Andy and this photo was taken during my travel in Malang, last year. If you feel like having massive visual orgasmic of natures in one place called “Malang” please visit this link which Andy, his brother Indra and some of their friends share passion in natures with their mountain bikes. Looking at the photos; I feel like my photos are just like sneak peek of places while his photos are examples how extraordinary one place can be.



EyeDa said...

bila nk buat sneak peak kt Kedah plak? ;) Roger la i..auww

z a t i said...

kedah kampung ayah sendiri. so hari raya kdg2 balik (-_-;) oh nt raya boleh letak rumah tok. huhu

z a t i said...

dah ada! :)

gman said...

zati...nk tny. tym trip ke malang tu korang g ke mana je? info ek...makasih :D