Monday, August 16, 2010

well, I enjoy walking in circle


Travelling in time machine can sometimes be a moment when you met someone that you’ve been loosing contact for quite some time. Images of things happened rewind as both of you trying to catch up with each other.
“It happens so fast,” he said, as he sensed how surprised I was about his life changing pace since two years ago… errr… compare to mine.
“ ya… I think so too. So your wife, she’s the one you putus tunang with?” I ask as I rewind back how we both sharing “love tragedies” between each other back then, exactly at the very same time, well… two years ago.
“… it’s someone new.” He denied as I realize myself how absurd my question was.
“You won’t believe if I tell you, I just knew her for 3 months before we get married. I met her at KFC, she’s a manager there. There’s a long queue at the counter and suddenly she opened a new one. Like a scene in a movie, she spilled the Pepsi I ordered. We’ve been friend ever since and yea, the rest is history.” he continued, as I secretly envy the sweetness of fate upon him.
“…wow, and now… a daughter…wow. Fate, it’s pretty like that.” I said- obviously got nothing better to say.
It’s amazing from one starting point, where we both were at once, and I feel like… staying still while he’s walking so fast- ahead.
“… but you travel a lot huh? ”, he asked.
“ ya… I guess…ade la sikit-sikit…for these past 2 years..hmmmm” I answer while silently agree to that myself.
“Good…good. Plan travel I dulu-dulu semua tu…tak sempat pun. You know lah.” He continued.
“Ya, understood. Now you dah ada focus, I macam takda… so I decide to broaden the horizon instead.” I said; try to convince myself with my own statement. Broaden the horizon instead of finding focus- I laugh at myself in silence.

I’m not staying still, am I?.
Maybe, walking in circle?
Well, I guess in the end what you will learn from life is pretty much one thing- life is to learn about life.

The important thing is, to enjoy learning whatever life gives you.

P/s: Gambar-gambar ini adalah semasa pemergian Sarah selamanya ke Amsterdam di airport semalam. Foto lain dan tulis perkara lain adalah habit yang dah tak dapat nak bantu (-_-;) . Tapi macam ada significant. kan? :)



cheza said...

same conversation with my BFF which was a guy who married *twice (divorce-scandal-married with other)

the part when he said: you travel a lot, which i envy you.
me: i envy u found ur soulmate (said it deep down)
*perhaps travelling is what single woman always have a chance to do~

z a t i said...

hey boleh tk jgn ckp mcm aku umur 33 (-_-;) dan sudah give up dlm mencari fokus.26 sbnarnya mmg umur utk jalan2. :P (in denial)


tapi sementara jalan2 la dulu.
hait. hait. hait.

a piece of me said...

saya setuju dengan awak zati!

tak semestinya kite travel kite takde focus. focus kite adalah travel!!yearghh..

then takkan nk dudok rumah meratapi hidup tiada suami?nyeh nyeh nyeh :P

everything is moving forward without waiting aite :D

jom broaden lg horizon!!hahaha

z a t i said...

tu r pasal.
it's beyond our control right.

so apa yang boleh kita control is to enjoy what life give us *buat muka 16tahun* heeeeeeeeee -_-

a piece of me said...

pls prasan muda!


(menangis dalam hati hahahaha :P)

Anonymous said...

Travelling is cathartic (especially when you backpacking).

Those long hours on train while you look out at the scenery, those silent hours as you sit perching at the hilltop or the beach, and what a great way to broaden your horizon (and friends).

Oh, umur 30 kalau still travel hilang focus ye? -___-

Funny thing is, every time I'm heartbroken, I'll end up travelling at some distant place. Ada jer tix free or duit lebih, hahaha (when you're not in r/ship -- you save a lot on lodging and transport -- oh, what a perks! LoL)

I wish I end up in Fez & Marrakech, Morroco soon.

a piece of me said...
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z a t i said...

hafez: kau ke dilit komen :P bermaksud.depends ah.kau laki kan so fokus kau yg tentukan
lain ah kitorg ni (otak kuno hidup zaman saloma)

Anonymous said...

Dilit komen apa lak?

Uh-uh Saloma.

Dalam 31st August kau boleh amik polaroid film. Tu pon kalu adik aku ingat bawak dari KT ke KL. I'll give you a call nanti.

Anonymous said...

Oh. Komen kat atas tu "a piece of me" punya. Click entry kalau nak check user. Jangan direct click kat comment -- tak tau sapa punya komen.