Sunday, November 14, 2010


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There are things in this world; they make a statement in a place they don’t belong.
They shouldn’t be there but they did.
They don’t fit in; they never try to.
Just, different. Not dare to be.
Not an absolute definition of something.
Yes, but no.
Some people see, some people don’t.
Some people love, some people; well… maybe just don’t care.
Learn to see something beautiful in ugliness? - Don’t. Never
Be prudent, they never meant to be.
Embrace the truth.
Embrace the ugly.
Because when you do;
They are inspiration.



Mohamad Faizal said...

pasar besar taman universiti yang kau selalu pergi untuk beli ramuan memasak ke zati

z a t i said...

mestila tak.

s said...

haha..pasar selayang kah?...tringat muke uncle yg stress bile tanye nk bli 2 ekor boleh?... (-_-')

z a t i said...

hhahhaha. a ah. kt situ. kalau nk beli ikan 2 ekor je beli la sardin dlm tin je --_--

Diloz said...

great collection.
love the randomness.

z a t i said...

thanks diloz :)