Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another manic monday


Despite every little thing happened these past few weeks; the shocking news, the ironies of thought with some events consequences, the “day” that never exist, etcetera et cetera … other than that my life is pretty much around my ordinary routine – like jogging every day…well almost… everyday after work. It’s the everyday routine I love and looking forward to do… it’s like a little escapism from my “everyday” world. Sometimes when I got lucky it will be an amazing sunset over the lake to end my hectic day and that few moments of silence with the sun makes the longer hours of darkness worth living for.


Azalia Suhaimi said...

Oh yes, how the everyday routine becomes our little escapism.

Mine would be a good swim to the sunset. And a night of sipping hot tea while listening to some jazz and reading some poetry.

Also, again, beautiful photos, babe :)

Azalia Suhaimi said...

And same here, I desperately need the sun after a whole day in the office. <3

Anonymous said...

I feel bad having Subway Sandwiches & Sbux Coffee for dinner now.

Om nom nom!

z a t i said...

azalia: i always have this "segregation" between the coffee and tea person... so you're the tea person huh. ;) classy. swim is my escapism when i feel like crying, so tat when I'm in the water I wouldn't know if I did.

hafez! always with tat subway sandwich! do not take it as an escapism of yours. no good man. no good.

Mohamad Faizal said...

tipu kau jogging hari2.

z a t i said...

ijai! jgn nak mulakan ok.

fine a. baru start bulan januari (-_- ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't help it -_-

Had another one after Zee Avi CD signing at The Gardens.


Nanti I jogging kat pantai Kuta, Bali this Thursday. Jom la, jom la (ajak2 kucing).

z a t i said...

your offer to sponsor me for the whole trip still open? i still broke. uhuk. heee :D

no i just can't.u have fun over there
with those surfing hunks ait.ha ha

yong said...

zati ok pe ko kat joging kat tasik cyber with jogign hunk ;p

z a t i said...

devid beckham palsu tu skng dh pakai baju.menghampakan, tapi masih pakai masih tk dpt pastikan matsalih atau pak arab.

oh rambut blonde yg sungguh memukau;
dan aku dh berjaya senyum dkt dia. yeaaahh.

a piece of me said...

u jog at cyber ke? thats awesome

i wish my office pon like far away from the jammed city. sakit dh jiwa nih.hahah :P

btw cyber byk arabs laa..if im not mistaken,hahaha..dah rasa macam kat foreign country kan pulak. heh

z a t i said...

my office is in KL, but ya...somehwre out of the city is nice :D haha, yup2.. sana lg banyak orang bukan malaysian probblly the MMU and the LKW student