Sunday, March 14, 2010

wishing for tears and some irony in life

wishing for tears
Hujan turun tiba-tiba setiap petang selepas tengahari yang sangat panas sejak dua menjak ni.
Fikiran tiba-tiba tersedar yang nikmat sebenar bukan dapat merasa pemberian tetapi pada keupayaan memberi.
Orang yang dah mengarah 300 filem "mesra wanita" tiba-tiba bertanding untuk kerusi parlimen.
Suddenly I wish can feel pain again so that I could at least cry to that.

"Anyone who says that sunshine brings happiness, has never danced in the rain."

Hari tu yang patutnya bulan depan tiba-tiba ialah esok.wah.wah.waaaah.



Anonymous said...

Placebo, the KING of Medicine, which incidentally the name of their song.

Anonymous said...

Brian Molko has a nice arse. Stefan Olsdal has a good stature. Steve Forrest is oh-so energetic! Yes, it sound gay. Every you and every me!

z a t i said...
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z a t i said...

cenicero! micenicero!
i have no regret.
but never regret.
...maybe i will if i chose otherwise.

no one can beat the importance of people around me;
especially the dead ones.

Azalia Suhaimi said...

Lovelove the photo. A lot of emotions in it.

z a t i said...

im emotional. but never really show it through my self. glad tat i can express it here :)